About our Livestream Shows

About our Livestream Shows

James and I just wrapped up another livestream Friday afternoon show and, as always, we got the emotional boost that we look forward to every week. From 2 to 3:30 pm we connect with our online friends during Sunny Jim's Facebook livestream show "The Request Lines are Open." 

It is really great to see people log on to share the afternoon of music with us, and there are quite a few "regulars" that join us every week. They tune in from across the U.S. from Hawaii to Alaska, and several places overseas; the UK, Sweden and the South of France. 

One of the best parts of the livestream show is watching people connect with each other via the comment stream. We are all going through a tough time and James and I both look forward these Friday afternoons when we can share the music. Our Troprock community is a close, loving one and we miss everyone.Like everyone else, our world came to a halt in mid-March when Florida shut down because of COVID.

After some time to adjust to our new situation, we decided to go online with livestream shows, something we had been talking about for a while, but busy schedules didn't allow us to explore the idea. After weeks of trial and error, we finally got the livestream process down, and the shows are great fun. I'm now putting together some videos to share snapshots of our time in the Cayman Islands - James's original songs and photos from my vast library.

I want to say THANKS to everyone who tunes in regularly to share the afternoon with us, you guys are the best!  I've always known that James's friends/fans are very supportive, but it has become marvelously clear during the past few months, that you guys have his back in a big way.  We love you for that.  Not only have the livestream shows been a reliable revenue source during this uncertain time, but they have given us something to look forward to! 

Of course the Tropicool Wednesday shows are a blast too! James and John Patti have so much fun together and it shows. I've put together some closing videos of selfies sent by our viewers.  As Florida slowly gets back to work, James is venturing out for live gigs, but I rarely leave the house, preferring to play it safe.

As so many of you have requested, we will continue the livestream shows on Facebook and hope to stream them on YouTube too.  And don't forget to visit our website www.sunnyjim.com. 

Stay tuned, stay safe and keep sending those selfies!


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Do you use PayPal or venmo at house concerts or can I prepay for tomorrow at the Lyons Den electronically

Judy Neff

I am still looking for two tickets for the Scott Kirby concert if something opens up please let me know

Dennis DiVico

Sorry I missed seeing you in Sarasota Fl. This week as down visiting Hazel. Would of loved to hear James play again & see you Adele & the twin girls, as it’s been over 20 years since leaving Cayman. Will order some of his latest music. Cheers Ina Hall.

Ina L Hall

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