Feeling Optimistic about the Next Chapter

Feeling Optimistic about the Next Chapter

We had company for lunch this week! Our friend Sharon Morris and her sister Connie came to visit and we enjoyed being together in our backyard in beautiful Florida weather. We had not seen each other since December and Sharon opened up the cards and letters I had collected for her from many of you. She really appreciates the kind words and love sent her way. This special visit is a hint of our return to some kind of "normalcy" as we hopefully emerge from this dreadful pandemic and our long quarantine.

We sheltered at home, only making necessary runs to the post office or grocery store, and of course wearing masks. We all know the loneliness, frustrations and challenges of this past year, what I like to call our "lost" year. Because we normally book James's schedule and our special events, 12 months out, it was difficult to look ahead, to plan.  

Now I am feeling hopeful and excited about going out again, seeing our friends and hosting live music events - we have missed you!  Although I am fully vaccinated and James has received his first shot, I have to remind myself that we need to take baby steps because the pandemic is not over, the coronavirus is still out there. Unfortunately, there are virus variants showing up, causing worry for public health officials.

Whatever your beliefs on covid, masking and the quarantine, it's a very serious matter to me. Covid has ravaged our hispanic community in South Texas. Several of our family members have gotten sick and recovered, but other families are not so lucky.  It is so encouraging to hear that many of you are now fully vaccinated, and at least here in Florida, things are picking up. Both James and I got calls today to accept vaccination appointments, which of course we didn't need.  Hopefully, someone else will take them.

Sharon got her first vaccination shot today, which is great news. If you'd like to send her a card, please send to: P.O. Box 1535, Osprey, FL 34229

We are looking ahead and making plans, something we haven't been able to do in a very long time.

Stay safe and mask up!

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